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greyhound Dog Abby

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Gender: Unspecified
Age: 56
Last Activity: 174 month(s) ago
Location: Yelm, Washington
Country: United States

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Dog, greyhound

Reptile, Black Bearded Dragon

Bird, Parakeet

Dog, Yorkie Poo

Pet: Abby

Name Abby
Nickname abbygirl
Species Dog
Breed greyhound
I Love My Furry Or Scaly Friends
Gender Female
Country United States
Zipcode 33544
Birthdate 2000-07-12
Weight 57 lbs.
Favorite Activity running! Duh,I'm a greyhound!
Favorite Park Lake Park
Favorite Food Yogert
Favorite Treat Beef Basted Dog Bones
Favorite Toy pick 3-d star that sounds weird
Favorite Shows Dog Whisperer
Favorite Music Counrty
Favorite Movies King Kong,Grease,Aquamarine,Pirates of the Carribean
Best Trick rol over
Favorite Moments I haven't been to any!
Likes people
Dislikes other dogs
My First Day Home I peed on the rug
About Me

Thanks Sassy for the prezzie!

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Profile Views: 70844

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Abby's Blogs

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Nov 11, 2006 Can you read this?? 5 Comments
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Aug 27, 2006 Thanks Star's Family~ 14 Comments

Abby's Comments
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Posted By: Abby 2007/08/15 04:03:28 PM
w/e I still love ya! I took a break from Yahoo for awhile. Still on dogstre tho

Posted By: Riley 2007/08/15 03:35:54 PM
No...no,my name is Mr.McSmiley :D Hey...we haven't talked lately

Posted By: Abby 2007/08/15 02:57:35 PM
Hi Keesie! Tee Hee. Thanks for stopping by! I don't use Petster that much, either. I do hope you enjoy Petster too!

Posted By: Lady Keesie 2007/07/21 07:40:53 PM
Hi Abby...yes we did find you here on Petster, too! We still don't use this site much, just yet. We are still figuring out how to navigate it. We thought you were the same Abby! Have a fun day!

Posted By: Abby 2007/07/20 02:29:03 PM
Hiya, Kuai!

Posted By: Kuai Kuai 2007/07/11 01:08:46 AM
Abbiliciousss! xD Catcha on Dogster! Can't see my comments, dont know why. Petster's funny.

Posted By: 2007/07/07 02:12:07 PM
Sadie's magicalll

Posted By: Sadie 2007/06/28 08:04:06 AM

Posted By: Abby 2007/04/15 01:19:17 PM
Hi Jake!

Posted By: 2007/04/08 10:14:43 PM
heya abby we havnt talked in awhile :P

Posted By: Abby 2007/03/15 08:22:46 PM
Hi Cookee!

Posted By: Cookee 2007/03/13 04:16:19 PM

Posted By: Abby 2007/02/18 12:32:30 PM
Thanks Digger! I don'r really keep it up that great. But I try.

Posted By: Digger 2007/02/17 03:53:28 PM
And now I'm dropping by your page. it looks good

Posted By: Abby 2007/01/20 12:46:54 PM
Thanks Flash! BOL! Hi Sadie!

Posted By: Sadie 2007/01/17 07:06:52 PM
Hey best pal! :-)

Posted By: 2007/01/15 07:33:35 PM
Hey Abby love the new pictures! Chip dont start it O_o

Posted By: Abby 2007/01/14 02:54:42 PM
Hey Sassy. I'm good. It's nice and hot here in FLorida too! (sarcasim)

Posted By: 2007/01/13 10:57:25 AM
Hey Abby. How's it goin'?

Posted By: Abby 2007/01/12 02:58:02 PM
Your Welcome!

Posted By: Sadie 2007/01/12 02:51:00 PM
Thanks Abbers!

Posted By: Abby 2007/01/01 11:22:01 AM
that's exactly why we can't talk!

Posted By: 2006/12/23 11:50:48 PM
I still wanna talk to ou....and that means JUST TALK. Nothing else..I pawmise! pawlease...i guess just as pals?

Posted By: 2006/12/23 11:50:10 PM
okay...grrr...fine...i got your IM! I am sorry, but you started it!

Posted By: Abby 2006/12/23 08:03:47 AM
Hey Chip. I'm doin' fine. Could you cut back on the nicknames tho? My names' Abby.

Posted By: 2006/12/22 09:58:34 AM
Hey my baby girl. How are you?

Posted By: Abby 2006/12/21 12:39:29 PM
Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too! Who was in this wedding?

Posted By: 2006/12/16 02:32:00 PM
Hello Abby! Merry Christmas! Oh BTW,the wedding is off.....yea x>

Posted By: Abby 2006/11/11 07:56:23 AM
Who's getting married to who?

Posted By: 2006/11/09 09:53:44 PM
what do you mean daisy?

Posted By: 2006/10/30 11:56:18 AM
Nope, he's getting married to me.

Posted By: Abby 2006/10/08 06:30:46 AM
Oh hi Sassy!

Posted By: 2006/10/07 09:15:12 AM
Hi Abby!

Posted By: Abby 2006/10/06 01:44:39 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/05 08:49:13 PM
petster because I was standing up for somebody..but its all good now..

Posted By: Abby 2006/10/01 09:12:05 AM
banned from what?

Posted By: 2006/09/23 10:33:08 AM
sorry banned :(

Posted By: Abby 2006/09/16 11:01:11 AM
Good you? No I more like bored.

Posted By: Lucky 2006/09/02 05:16:35 PM
Hey Abby! long time no one posted comments here...

Posted By: Lucky 2006/09/02 05:02:14 PM
Hey Abby! long time no one posted comments here...

Posted By: Abby 2006/09/02 05:00:45 PM

Posted By: Lucky 2006/09/02 04:52:30 PM
Hey Abby! long time no one posted comments here...

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/27 04:58:23 PM

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/26 09:45:59 PM
Aww thanks!

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/25 08:39:12 PM
um I think I should tell you the news in a pmail.

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/20 01:07:35 PM
Yay! I'm so happy for you!

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/19 02:21:25 PM
Thanks guys! I forgive you all!

Posted By: 2006/08/16 03:09:57 AM
Jake, I'm glad you have finally come to your senses. Thanks Boomer, I knew it'd be ok. ;)

Posted By: 2006/08/15 08:21:32 PM
Very nice at all. I think you all owe Abbey a big apology!--Star

Posted By: 2006/08/15 08:10:14 PM
So back off!--Star

Posted By: 2006/08/15 08:10:01 PM
You know what guys? Get off Abbey's back. I don't know Abbey, but she seems nice and you guys need to stop ganging up on her. It's her blog, so she can do with it, what she pleases. And Jake, petster doesn't give a bark about chatting in blogs. It's her's

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/13 11:19:39 PM
I did't even say that she didn't like Flash anymore.

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/13 11:17:01 PM
All I said was that another reason why Sadie didn't want Flash was because he didn't go on as much as Rocky. That's not being mean...AT ALL! I didn't say that was the ONLY reason.

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/13 11:14:33 PM
max this is my site. Petster isn't but this portion is. I was never trying to be mean either.

Posted By: Sadie 2006/08/09 03:37:02 PM
I agree with Abby...If we made a Blog then we can chat on it.

Posted By: Sadie 2006/08/08 04:30:04 PM
Hey...Dogster shoulb be back in 30 min it says!

Posted By: Sadie 2006/08/08 04:05:21 PM
Yea dogster has been shut down for a while.

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/08 04:00:56 PM
When doster dries off. BOl yeah when if it let's us back on!

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/08 04:00:30 PM
When doster dries off. BOl yesh when if it let's us back on!

Posted By: Samson 2006/08/08 03:31:19 PM
Yeah i Saw

Posted By: Samson 2006/08/08 03:30:59 PM
If You can can you send me a pup Request for dogster

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/08 03:11:59 PM
Hey everybody! Did you see that Dogster is taking a bath?

Posted By: Sadie 2006/08/07 06:54:15 PM
hey Abby

Posted By: 2006/08/06 09:16:17 PM
Hi Abby

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/06 01:18:14 PM
Hey Rocky. You're lookin' extra cute today!

Posted By: Rocky 2006/08/06 12:15:06 AM
Hey Abby!

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